Standing in the crater.

Good evening, folks.

It’s about a quarter to 1 in the morning for me as I write this. It’s cold outside, The Social Network score is playing (in honor of Reznor & Ross winning a Golden Globe tonight), and I have tomorrow off from work on account of a holiday.

I sat down here tonight after a day of reflection. I feel like I brought something to a close yesterday, and today’s a bit of white space following that particular chapter.

The ALT bomb.

You’re probably wondering what happened yesterday? I mailed out 99% of the ALT copies for backers of my Kickstarter project. Erica and I sat down on Friday evening to begin packaging the books, and did not get to bed until 6:30 Saturday morning. I slept until 10, got up, and transported 116 signed, personalized copies of ALT to the post office.

A nice lady by the name of Ann volunteered to stay behind after closing time to finish processing the shipments. I gave her a signed paperback as my way of saying thanks. Ann, if you’re reading this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You didn’t have to do what you did, and it means a heck of a lot to me. I will not forget it. I hope you enjoy the book.

Afterward, I came home and crashed. I slept until 7 PM. The previous night was a reminder that I’m not 17 anymore, and sitting up for a full 24 hours is incredibly taxing. But, we got the packages mailed. My office is no longer cluttered with stacks of books. It’s weird to be done with something that I’ve spent the last six months working on. Even when Amelia and I finished the edits, there was still work to be done. Layout, cover design, proofs, invoices, promotional stuff–that kept me busy. Now, well . . . now, I’m staring down the barrel of a few months of low-key time. Will I be busy? Yes, but with other things. As I mentioned here before, I’ll be taking over as editor of Self-Publishing Review for a few months. I also hope to start working more on a collection of stories. And then there’s TLM, which I’m sending to my editor at the end of this week. Publication for that is slated for the end of October.

In a way I feel as though so many different threads came together in a single knot much too fast. It seems like three months ago, when we were in the thick of it, the end wasn’t in sight. Now, it’s over and done, and I’m left standing here in the center of a smoking crater where an ALT bomb was detonated.

So what next?

ALT promotion. I intend to devote a solid month to promoting this book. It’s going to be heavy, and there will probably be quite a few posts about it. I’m apologizing in advance because I know it’s going to quickly become noise for most of you. This is what happens when you don’t have a publicist, or anyone else, for that matter, doing the promotion on your behalf. So, my plan is to take a little money and throw it at this beast I’ve created. Last week I tested the waters with Project Wonderful. I intend to do that again, but this time I’ll also be purchasing ad space on Reddit and deviantART. I also have a small stock of extra paperbacks, and I may do some sort of giveaway for those.

There’s also the matter of reviews. To date, I’ve sent the book out to three independent venues for review. I have no idea what they’ll think, or whether or not they’ll even review it. It’s a crap shoot with these things. Some people love the book, some people loathe it – that much, it seems, hasn’t changed even with the new revisions. Just yesterday someone – a fellow indie author, no less – left a bad review on Amazon. I’m not going to lie: it bummed me out. Today, not so much. Today, another person left a review, this time on the positive end. I mention this to prove a point: it’s a polarizing book. Where one person says the characters are flat, another says they’re compelling and real. It’s puzzling.

Speaking of reviews:

The editor of Smash Cake Magazine had great things to say about ALT. Really great things. Incredibly humbling things.

And speaking of promos:

Here’s a little video I made. The excerpt is taken from Ch. 6, Monochrome:

More to come . . .

There are other things on the horizon. They’re there. I can see them, sort of, but they aren’t close enough to make out what they are. Closer things resemble website re-designs (long overdue), and the Precipice site as well. Interviews. Articles. More blog posts.

I do have a request from you, O Loyal Reader. If you’ve read ALT, especially the new edition, go to Goodreads, Amazon, or even Smashwords, and leave your thoughts. Write a review. Or just rate it. You don’t even have to write something. Just rate the book. I know it’s superficial, but those ratings do make a difference.

Anyway. If you’ve read this far, thanks for doing so. I’m mostly rambling, just trying to clear my head. As always, thanks for reading.



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  1. I just had to say, how good is the Social Network Soundtrack to write to? I love it. In fact, I’m not sure those two can put a foot wrong at the moment.

    Congratulations on the big post out.

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