Hey, writers. Need an editor?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the answer to that question is “Yes.” Even if you don’t think you do (and I know some of you out there are thinking that very thing), trust me, an editor is necessary. And, well, it just so happens my editor, Amelia, is looking for new clients.

If you’ve read the new edition of ALT and compared it to the old text, you’ve seen what she’s capable of. She’s thorough and ruthless; also, she’s awesome. Best of all, her rates are very reasonable and negotiable.

So! If you’re in need of an editor, or are simply curious, send her an email: amelia.bennett [at] gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Hey, writers. Need an editor?

  1. Does she have a particular genre she prefers to edit? I’m not entirely sure how editing works, but I’ve always been told that you want an editor who actually likes the genre you write in.

  2. I have to also go with what Elisa Michelle said too, as it is true to find a person who likes to edit the type of writing that one prefers to write in. Still, I thank you for offering her email and such, as it wouldn’t hurt to see if she will still be available when I do get around to writing one of my stories. So I’ll send an email just to see what’s up, thanks again Todd.

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