Little Brother

I’ve fallen in love with the freedom of writing scenes that will most likely not make the cut for the final draft.  I’ve written one full scene like this for imagiNATION and started two others, and the cool thing about them is that, even if I don’t use them in their entirety, they serve as wonderful backdrops and springboards for other more fully realized scenes in the future.

Hello, by the way.  I meant to do this over the weekend, but it’s not the weekend anymore, so I’m forced to do this in the wee hours of the morning before work.  In any case, the writing’s moving slowly, as it always does.  Doing it by hand is a labor of love, and if my hand could talk, it would scream for me to stop.  There may come a point in the future where I’ll have to switch over to plugging away at a keyboard, but I’ll try and delay that for as long as possible.  Besides, I like writing in my little notebook.  I’m not fully convinced anything will come of this novel, or if this new draft will amount to anything better than its previous incarnation, but the work I’m putting into it is, at the very least, great exercise and a way of flexing the novelist side of my brain.  In case my friend Bill the Editor is reading, fret not, dear sir, for I will finish it at some point.  Whether it’s good or not is another thing altogether.  I suppose that’s the name of the game, is it not?

So it’s much too early for pondering the nature of the novel and its many processes.  Instead let’s move on to other things before I lose my nerve and fall asleep at the keyboard (I’ve not even had my coffee yet).

My intent this morning is to direct everyone over to Cory Doctorow’s latest book, Little Brother.  It’s a young adult novel, but don’t let that fool you.  I gave it a chance and discovered it’s one of the most pertinent, important books I’ve ever read.  If you’re like me and are obsessed with methods of subversion in this day and age, and feel the rights of Americans are being trampled upon, then please, read this book.  I can’t stress that enough.  Read.  This.  Book.   It’s easily one of the best I’ve read in a very long time and, if I was a teacher (perhaps in some alternate reality), I’d teach this alongside Orwell’s classic.  “But I spent all my money on a tank of gas,” you say. “How can I possibly afford a hardcover book?”  Well, friends, the good news is you don’t have to.  It’s free.  You can download the PDF right here at no cost to you except some bandwidth and time.

I took a couple of days off from writing so I could read it.  I suggest you all do the same.  Go on.  I’ll wait.  And when you’re finished, feel free to come back here and discuss it, as you’ll no doubt have opinions.


3 thoughts on “Little Brother

  1. Little Brother is on my list. I read ‘Someone comes to town, someone leaves town’ a short while ago, and read the first chapter thinking ‘ok, I can’t see myself getting into this’, and then a few moments later (days maybe?), I put it down wishing there were more pages to it.

    He’s quite the writer, and I can’t place what it is I like about him and his style, I just know that I do.

    On the subject of writing by hand, I’m afraid that were I to commit ideas to paper, they’d be lost in a mess of squiggly lines and dots that would confound the most studious of linguistic detectives. Once a keyboardist, always a keyboardist I’m afraid. Shame, really, I’ve got some fantastic writing instruments.

  2. I looked at the little blurb about the book and it looks amazing. I wouldn’t mind downloading it but I want to also buy it in hardback too. After all I’m a hardback freak really. Anyways good luck with your novel Todd, I can’t wait to read it when it’s done.

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