Evil Happy Smiley Face Man

Just ran across this via CNN, and I have to admit it gave me a chill.

As Gannon and Duarte investigated the deaths, they began to see a trend. The cases spanned 25 cities in 11 states, and at least some of them were connected by a creepy symbol left near the water’s edge: a smiley face painted on trees and other surfaces.

The detectives believe that the smiley faces were left by the killer or killers. They varied in size, with each face more haunting than the next.

The most sinister was found in Iowa. It was drawn in red with a devil’s horns. Next to the smiley face was a note that read, “Evil Happy Smiley Face Man.”

I have a number of theories, ranging from a gang of pissed off ex-girlfriends who are out to torture and kill drunken frat boys, to a super-secret cult of smiling fanatics.  Regardless, it’s rather creepy, and I couldn’t help but think about that new movie The Strangers that starts next week.

It certainly gives me ideas.  So what do you folks think?  Feel free to speculate!


4 thoughts on “Evil Happy Smiley Face Man

  1. I saw this the other day and it gave me similar chills. A cult of some sort, a proving ritual, a bizarre Candyman-type invocation? Sure makes you pull the bedsheets up higher (and avoiding drawing anything similar).

  2. It actually gives me the idea that maybe these people might be a cult dedicated to the joker? Could be but I wouldn’t count on it.

    Though stuff like this is always a good source for ideas, maybe I could draw something from it, who knows?

  3. This also reminds me of the hacker/terroist that appears in GITS (Ghost In The Shell) who hides behind a symbol (similar to the smiley face) whenever he hacks into the media and his face is hidden behind a logo.

  4. If this is the work of a serial killer/killers, It’ll be 2 to 4 max. The larger the gang, the easier for the case to be solved.

    The detectives on this case needs to find a stronger link other than smiley faces. White, promising, male students are their strongest link currently but still, they need to find a stronger link between the students that died in the rivers. If this is really the work of a serial killer, he coming winter will see another corpse I suppose.

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