The Home Stretch

I hate to keep apologizing for these long periods of silence, but as I’m nearing the end of the TLM edits, I find I don’t have time for much else. Today’s a rare exception, though, and I have a few things to announce.

Re: TLM Edits

We’re in the home stretch. Last week I started Ch.16, the last full chapter of TLM. This is the one where everything comes together. As many changes have taken place over the course of these edits, a lot of rewrites are now required for this chapter in order to remain consistent. Naturally this slows me down quite a bit since I have to shift gears into a completely different frame of mind.

Last night I realized that the first two scenes of Ch.16 would be better served at the end of 15, so I moved them. The upside is that 15 is now stronger; the downside is that I have to start over with 16. That’s okay. Sometimes these things happen.

I hope to have 16 finished by the end of the week. Then I’ll begin the rewrite of TLM’s epilogue. Right now my goal is to have everything done by May 13th. This will give me a full week to read over everything and make last-minute tweaks before my first conference call with Amelia on May 20th.


Last night I discovered that ALT was reviewed by The Kindle Book Review. They gave it four stars out of five. Here’s a snippet from the review:

 “A Life Transparent,” by Todd Keisling, grabs you right from the start. The novel’s anti-hero, Donovan Candle, might as well have been the inspiration for the old Beatles’ song, “Nowhere Man.” His existence is so devoid of meaning and substance that he literally starts to disappear. Or at least in the physical sense. This plot device is so simple and yet so compelling that you cannot wait to find out how it all plays out.

I never thought my work would be used in the same context as The Beatles. I’m incredibly humbled and honored by this. Wow.


Speaking of ALT, the last two promo days for my first KDP Select quarter are coming up later this month. On May 16th and 17th, ALT will be free on Amazon. I’ll post here again once the dates get closer.

That’s a wrap . . .

For now, anyway. The book is coming together. We’re almost there. Please bear with me while I finish it. I promise we’ll have much to discuss once it’s done.

Until then,