TLM – May Update

I know, I’m a bad blogger, but these days I have to be picky about where I focus my attention. Unfortunately this means the blog doesn’t get updated with real content as much as I’d like.

However, since I’ve made it a habit of updating the Kickstarter folks once a month on the status of TLM, I’m going to start doing that here as well. Starting now.

Edits, edits, and more edits

I completed TLM’s third draft back at the beginning of the month, shortly before Amelia left for a week-long cruise. Her vacation allowed me time to start reading through the manuscript, preemptively flagging items that need to be changed, deleted, tweaked–you name it. The result was a tab or post-it note on just about every page. The whole book looks like it vomited post-its.

I finished my read-through a day before Amelia returned, and this past Sunday we jumped right into our first conference call to start going through the book. We did this with ALT as well, and while it’s not very practical, it allows us to discuss any issues in real time.

On Monday evening, we finished reading through the prologue. All was going well.

Tearing down the house.

Last night we started Ch.1 and made it a page and a half before we had to stop. Amelia pointed out a particular paragraph wasn’t working, and after reading it I discovered it was a remnant from an earlier draft that I’d somehow missed during the draft 3 edits. The paragraph was structured around a particular point which, after the extensive cuts, no longer meant anything. Unfortunately, deleting that paragraph meant the surrounding paragraphs had to be changed.

Think of it like building a house. If you mess up the foundation, the entire structure won’t be sound. I messed up the foundation, and fixing it would require taking the whole thing apart.

Needless to say, I was very annoyed by this. By that point, Amelia had to go in 15 minutes, so I decided to end things early while I worked out the problem. The actual fix took me almost a full day to work out. Ultimately the paragraph could not be salvaged, mainly because its purpose wasn’t all that important (it involved ALT’s backstory–something I’ve tried to do sparingly) in the scheme of things.

In the end, I had to kill it. I hope it’s the right call.

Best laid plans.

I have two immediate goals right now:

  1. Have the first three chapters finalized by the beginning of June for the Kickstarter folks. I may also post them here as well (depending on interest).
  2. Have the entire manuscript finalized by the end of June/beginning of July.

Amelia thinks this is reasonable, so we’re forging ahead with these goals in mind. Next month’s update post will confirm whether or not we were able to stick to the schedule–but, to be perfectly honest, if something goes wrong along the way, you’ll probably hear about it well before the next update.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Expect a comprehensive TLM update in about a month. Of course I’ll still post in the meantime, but in shorter bursts.

Until then,