Odds and ends and something extra.

Evening, folks.

Haven’t had much time to blog lately. My apologies, as always. I’ll get down to business.

Work is slowly wrapping up on TLM. The first seven chapters are in the can, and we’re on track to have them all finished by the end of the month. Naturally, things could change between now and then, but for now I’m considering everything going “according to plan.”

So far the most mundane thing has been checking every document for instances of double spaces. I do my best to get rid of them the first time around, but when it’s 3 AM and you’ve been writing for about five hours straight, sometimes they slip by without notice.

Erica’s working on the cover. That’s coming along very well. It’s harder to find a good stock image of a person falling than you might think. Lots of grays and whites, lots of lines, a little vectoring here and there–we’ve almost got ourselves a stew going, baby.

Right now my TLM to-do list looks something like this:

Complete manuscript:
– Copy edits
– Global changes
Front matter:
– Titles
– Copyright
– Acknowledgments
– Blurbs
Assign ISBNs
Register LCCNs
Register Copyright
Back Cover Copy
Precipice Website
TLM Website
Ebook Submission

I have more things to add (print layout, front cover design, and digital ARCs for starters), but I wanted to keep my list manageable. This list is comprised of items that need to be done relatively soon, with the exception of the websites (August). Obviously the manuscript-related items are priority.

But yeah. That’s what’s on my plate at the moment. I’m strangely at ease with this. Whenever I start to get stressed, I just think about how stressed I was a couple of years ago while prepping ALT for the Kickstarter folks. Now that was stressed.

So, to sum everything up, not much has changed since a couple of weeks ago. I’m still working on the book. It’s still almost finished. Things are slowly coming together.

Oh, and last but not least, I thought I’d share this with you here. I posted this for the Kickstarter folks back at the beginning of the month. Maybe you’ll find it interesting?

Click here for the TLM Kickstarter sample (warning: PDF).


Until next time,