My editor is looking for new clients.

The title says it all. My wonderful editor, Amelia Bennett, is seeking new clients while I venture off to promote TLM and work on Book #3. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a website up and running yet, so in the meantime, Precipice Books has set up a contact form on her behalf so you can reach her.

If you’ve read ALT or TLM, you’ve already witnessed the caliber of her work. To quote her:

You are the genius in this relationship. My job is to make sure everyone else can see that.

Her rates are fair (and negotiable!), so if you have a manuscript that needs a second pair of eyes (and honestly, what manuscript doesn’t?), she’s the editor for you.

You can reach her by entering your info in the contact form here. You can also follow her on Twitter!


One thought on “My editor is looking for new clients.

  1. While I would like to take up on this offer, I’ve had no time to write anything as of late because of school. Also I’ve only written two short stories, so I rather have a bunch for her to look at rather than send just a few small things.

    Thanks for the post anyway Todd, I’ll keep this in mind.

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