Advance Review of RADIO FREE NOWHERE


Horror Novel Reviews got their hands on an advance copy of RADIO FREE NOWHERE, the first Ugly Little Things release. Here’s what they had to say:

An excellent tale from the jump, Keisling proves that when busy with the output, he’s a monster with the narrative. This is an engaging piece loaded with memorable personalities and a damn fine twist. When it comes to conclusions, this one delivers.

You can check out the rest of the review right here. RADIO FREE NOWHERE releases 1/3/14 on the Amazon Kindle for 99 cents. This story is also available now in audio as part of the EXQUISITE DEATH anthology.


2 thoughts on “Advance Review of RADIO FREE NOWHERE

  1. I thought RFN could have easily been the premise of an episode of Fringe, or the first chapter of a similar-styled novel. Leaves the reader/listener with questions they can only speculate on themselves.

    1. Yeah, I was limited to something like 2400 words for this (I originally wrote it for the Exquisite Death anthology), so it was a good exercise in balancing character development & plot development. I wanted to keep going when they got to the lake but I had to stop due to the word count limitations, and I may revisit this setting in another story later on. I think it may tie in with one of the stories coming later in the series. Still thinking on that one, though.

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