Robbed of Sleep: Volume One is available now!

Robbed of Sleep

Troy Blackford’s new anthology, ROBBED OF SLEEP: STORIES TO STAY UP FOR, is now available on Amazon Kindle for just $3.49. The table of contents includes works by Anthony J. Rapino, Mercedes M. Yardley, Troy Blackford, Dave Eccles, M.C. O’Neill, Tom Bordonaro, John Boden, Val Tenterhosen, and Yours Truly. Here’s the anthology synopsis:

If you’re the type of person who takes the phone off the hook when sanity calls, then you simply can’t do without these eighteen short stories from some of the strangest dark fiction authors out there. From the deepest jungle to an endless loop, from a cracked boss to a dying man, the places and people you will meet between these pages strain credulity, inflame the imagination, and stealthily swipe those precious moments that make up your nightly rest.

Take a dip into the furthest reaches of reason with some of today’s best authors with these strange and unruly STORIES TO STAY UP FOR, and we’ll make sure you’re ROBBED OF SLEEP

Check it out on Kindle right now! I’ve also been told that a paperback edition is coming soon. I’ll update this post once it’s available. Go check it out!