[BLOG TOUR] Introducing Jonathan Winn’s MARTUK … THE HOLY: PROSEUCHE

Author and screenwriter Jonathan Winn asked if he could stop by for his blog tour in support of his latest novel, MARTUK … THE HOLY: PROSEUCHE. I said, “Of course, Jonathan! For only $49.95!” Now that his check has cleared, I’m happy to share some information about the man and his creation, the immortal Martuk.


First, here’s the synopsis for his latest release, MARTUK … THE HOLY: PROSEUCHE:

And cradled in her kindness, I dove back into the blood soaked memories of this, my life.

With those words, the immortal Maruk’s tale continues.

From modern Paris, he speaks of his life in the religious chaos and pagan magic of 3rd century Antioch. Of his friends, a man haunted by grief and regret, and a woman with secrets as thick as the woolen of her constant cloak. Of days marked by the greed of Rome and the ambitions of those driven by dangerous delusion.

He remembers wandering souls who returned with their own stories to tell. Who shared their own memories of blazing deserts and a darkness with teeth. Of being imprisoned in a myth built by the lies of others. And then Martuk recalls a magic so dark it summons demons from a cloudless sky and rips the sleeping dead from their slumber.

The past revisited, Martuk ends his tale with a confession. A modern-day betrayal so cruel, the rest of his life everlasting threatens to be one of searing regret and never-ending shame.

This sequel to Jonathan Winn’s Martuk … the Holy is a tale of stumbling humanity and shocking brutality. Forgiveness and release. Death. Immortality. And the tenuous hope for blessed redemption.

This is Martuk … the Holy … Proseuche.

And now for some questions to get you acquainted with Mr. Winn:

TK: Who is Jonathan Winn?

JW: Let’s just go ahead and get the blah blah blah stuff out of the way. Born in Seattle, grew up in a very small town in WA State along I-5 smack dab in the middle between Portland, OR, and Seattle. Moved to Los Angeles after graduating high school and then, a decade later, to NYC. Now to the good stuff. I’m a writer. Books, short fiction, film scripts, teleplays, plays. Have some film and TV projects working their way slowly to production in LA. More books in the pipeline. A new one — Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche, the sequel to my debut novel Martuk … the Holy — out right now with the third, Martuk … the Holy: Shayateen, scheduled for Spring 2015. Plus some contemporary horror planned as well.

TK: What inspired your “Martuk” series?

JW: It was less being inspired — you know, where I watch a sunset and go ‘Oh, I should write about a guy who’s watched nineteen hundred bazillion of these’ — and more having this idea just drop in my lap. I mean, I was happily writing screenplays and plays at the time and the last thing I needed was something else, something new, on my plate. So when Martuk showed up, sat himself down, and basically took over, I had little choice but to A) figure out what his story actually was, and B) figure out how to transition from a very rules-oriented, the-briefer-the-better world of screenwriting to the more … how shall I say this … verbose land of fiction. Actually, the dishonestly verbose land of fiction. You think you have the whole dictionary to play with, but, really, you don’t. That was Lesson One. Anyway, once all of that was sorted, I kind of let Martuk take over and do what he wanted to do.

TK: Why should people read your work?

JW: Several reasons. First of all, the series centers around a complicated, vicious, altogether too human immortal in a genre that is still awash in sparkly vampires and stumbling zombies. Secondly, there aren’t many around today — at least that I’m aware of — who are writing the kind of evocative prose I write. Evocative, but still sparse. If I can cold clock a reader with three words instead of seven, I’ll do it. Actually, that’s what I aim to do. And third, Martuk’s story spans millennia yet still feels immediate and very much Here and Now. The problems, the issues, Martuk faces in 3rd century Antioch or wherever he is at the time are very much the same issues we, here today, find ourselves dealing with. The world changes, but stays the same. Always. But one of the best things about my work, in my opinion, is that although it’s rooted very strongly in Horror and Dark Fiction, it isn’t gory. It’s brutal, it’s evocative, it’s sometimes upsetting and disgusting, but it’s not gory. For some reason, that’s the thing people appreciate most about what I do. They disagree strongly with how vicious Martuk can be, and how cruel he is, but when it comes to the specifics of his brutality, I trust my readers’ imaginations to fill in the blanks more effectively than I could.

TK: Where can readers find more of your work?

JW: Well, of course I’m on Facebook and Twitter and have a blog they’re welcome to visit for news and excerpts and whatnot — mainly whatnot. But the new release I mentioned above — Proseuche — can be found on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords

Thanks for stopping by, Jonathan! For more information, check out any of the links mentioned above. MARTUK…THE HOLY: PROSEUCHE is available now!