On Discomfort: An Exercise


I completely forgot to post about this! Sam van Zweden, editor for the writing forum Writers Bloc, contacted me back in January about contributing a writing prompt. So I did . . . and forgot to share it with you here. I know, I’m a horrible person, but I’m trying to make up for it today by sharing the link with you.

My prompt was all about discomfort and how you can use it to push your boundaries. In other words, what makes you uncomfortable? What makes you squirm? What frightens you? I’m sure a bunch of things come to mind. Take those things, collect them into a jar, and study them. Try to understand why they make you uncomfortable. Once you understand them, use them in your fiction.

So tell me, folks: What makes you uncomfortable?


One thought on “On Discomfort: An Exercise

  1. People who look like they should have beards but don’t.
    For real though, absolute silence. Even if there is no such thing.

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