In which I’m interviewed by a Mouth of Madness:


For those of you who aren’t in the loop, Zachary Walters (aka Z-Dubbz) is a book reviewer for the horror podcast The Mouths of Madness. Last week, he sent me an email with some questions about why I’m putting the ULT series on hiatus. One email led to another, and then suddenly an interview happened. Here’s an excerpt:

TK: I made a commitment to readers about three years ago when my second novel was published. That book ended on a cliffhanger, and I promised I’d return to finish Donovan Candle’s story after I’d taken some time off to work on other things. Those other things turned out to be the ULT series, which grew to be something bigger than I expected it would. Earlier this year I realized that I only have enough bandwidth to focus on one or the other, so I had to make a judgment call.

ZDubbz: Was this a difficult decision to make?

TK: It was. The ULT series defied my expectations and became more successful than I imagined it would. It’s been a fun ride and I’m hesitant to bring it to a halt, but the Monochrome’s calling my name.

ZDubbz: Are you leaving any ULT stories unfinished? If so, are you concerned with losing touch, losing momentum, with these stories, and do you expect any difficulty in reconnecting in the future?

TK: Oh yes. I have incomplete drafts of seven other stories that will eventually see the light of day. Combined with ULT #5 and ULT #6, they will complete the second volume of the series. Honestly, I’m not all that concerned with losing touch or momentum. Hell, ULT #3 was in various states of progress for about four years before I completed it. ULT #4 dates back to 2007. Sometimes these stories need longer to cook. They’ll be ready when they’re ready, you know?

You can read the full interview here. And I strongly encourage you to check out The Mouths of Madness podcast if you’re a horror fan. Do it!