Coming soon!


Joe Mynhardt, the editor for Crystal Lake Publishing, approached me a couple of months ago about contributing to a new series called WRITERS ON WRITING. I was excited about the prospect because Crystal Lake does good work–just take a look at Kevin Lucia’s latest release, as well as Horror 101: The Way Forward–so of course I said yes.

I sent a draft of my essay to Joe on Wednesday night, and he accepted it for publication on Thursday afternoon. The essay is called “Never Look Away: Confronting Your Fears in Fiction,” and it will appear in the first volume of the series along such names as Jack Ketchum, Brian Hodge, Monique Snyman, Jasper Bark, and a few others which have yet to be announced. I’m deeply honored and excited to be a part of this project, and I can’t wait to see the final product when it’s released. Speaking of which, the first volume should be released sometime next month. For more information, check out the page at Crystal Lake’s website.


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