Unplugging for the holiday, but before I turn off the lights…


Hey, folks.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to unplug for the remainder of the year. Okay, that’s a lie—there wasn’t much deliberation at all. I’m feeling a little burned out and frustrated with my writing, and I think I need to step away for a few weeks and start fresh next month.

There are some things coming up that you need to be aware of, though:

Starting today, all Kindle editions of my stories—Monochrome & ULT alike—will be heavily discounted for the rest of the year. OBEY. CONSUME.

The last Geeky Writers broadcast of the year is on December 16th at 8 PM. Guest authors Jay Wilburn and Nikki Nelson-Hicks will be joining us for the shenanigans. RSVP at the Facebook event here.

Finally, here are some books you should buy as gifts for other people (or for yourself):

Jonathan Winn – Martuk…The Holy
Kevin Lucia – Through a Mirror, Darkly
Jay Wilburn – Time Eaters
Armand Rosamilia – Chelsea Avenue
J. L. Murray – Eat the Ones You Love
Glenn Rolfe – Blood and Rain
Stephen Graham Jones – After the People Lights Have Gone Off
Eryk Pruit – Hashtag
Thomas Ligotti – Songs of a Dead Dreamer/Grimscribe
Laird Barron – X’s For Eyes
Paul Tremblay – A Head Full of Ghosts
Nikki Nelson-Hicks – Jake Istenhegyi: The Accidental Detective Vol. 1
Ray Cluley – Probably Monsters
Terry M. West – What Price Gory?
Stuart Keane – Grin
Mercedes M. Yardley – Beautiful Sorrows
Anthony J. Rapino – Soundtrack to the End of the World
Chris Larsen – Losing Touch
Kealan Patrick Burke – Sour Candy

I think that’s about it. I’ll have a couple of posts scheduled to go live over the next several weeks, but otherwise, this site will be dark until January. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.