Off the Deep End

Last week, Joe Mynhardt interviewed me for Crystal Lake’s Deep End series. The full interview is now live over at the website, and you can read it here.

Here’s a sample:

Joe: Can you recall a moment where you had to choose between being an author/artist and another career? A decisive moment where you decided to go all out?

TK: Once upon a time, I wanted to go to college and study graphic design, but that changed during my senior year of high school. I’d written a screenplay for a film class the year before, and for reasons that escape me, I decided to adapt it into a short story. That short story eventually grew into my first novel. I took the manuscript to school and proceeded to terrify my teachers with it. Their reactions drove me to reconsider my future, and the following year I began my journey toward a four-year English degree. The rest is history.

THE FINAL RECONCILIATION should be up for pre-order by the weekend. I’ll post again when it is.

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