AHHHH! Early Reviews!

ARCs for THE FINAL RECONCILIATION went out earlier last month, and within the last 48 hours, reviews have been pouring in. When it comes to that old saying about artists being their own worst critics, I’m a walking stereotype. I always expect people to hate what I write. Sometimes I’m wrong, though. In the case of this story, I’m exceptionally wrong.

Here’s what people are saying about my book:

“‘The Final Reconciliation’ is, in my eyes, the perfect novella. Expertly paced and crafted, Keisling chooses show, don’t tell early on in the story to suggest of the horrors that lie in wait for the band.” – The Grim Reader

“Todd Keisling’s THE FINAL RECONCILIATION is a rock and roll nightmare set to the soundtrack of the end time. Take off your mask and rejoice!” – Glenn Rolfe, author of Blood and Rain

“Wow! Todd Keisling does not disappoint. Ever since I heard this book was coming out, I’ve been anticipating a killer story and you know what, Todd delivered!” – Horror Novel Reviews

“I highly recommend this tale. Todd’s skills are at their best here, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.” – The Writer from the North

“5 Guitar Solos out of 5.” – Into the Macabre

“It takes a considerable skill to be able to carry a reader along so effortlessly, even through the more surreal moments, yet Todd Keisling pulled it off, unquestionably.” – Kimberly’s Reviews

“I found this story to be a brilliant, original, modern-day take on ‘The King in Yellow’ mythos.  Especially for those that are into heavy metal rock bands. The writing was perfect and the setup for the story was excellent.” – Robin Lee’s Darkside

So . . . yeah. I’m beyond humbled by this. I’ve never had something get so much praise before. Thank you all.

The book goes on sale this Friday, February 3rd, but you can pre-order it right now for just 99 cents. Act fast, though, because that price is going up on release day. So don’t wait!