I’m speechless.

. . . So I’ll let these reviews speak for me:

“Keisling proves himself to be a master storyteller weaving a believable tale of an up-and-coming band with Chambers’ mystique from The King in Yellow. […] Even the ending of The Final Reconciliation is about as good as it gets and as a result this book receives my highest recommendation.” Cemetery Dance  

“I fully expect to see The Final Reconciliation on MANY year end best-of lists. You’ll want to be the person saying ‘Hell yeah it is!’ Not the person saying ‘Damn, I meant to read this!’ Stand in line if you have to, get your ticket early. Do whatever you have to do to get backstage entry. This story is metal.” The Eyes of Madness

“I’ve read other mythos stories involving musicians, Bleeding Shadows and Crawlin’ Chaos Blues springing to mind, but The Final Reconciliation is the best so far. Five out of five Yellow Signs.” Dangerous Dan’s Book Blog

THE FINAL RECONCILIATION is on sale now on Amazon Kindle for just $3.99. It’s time to take off your mask.