“You wanna know how I got these scars?”

Not real ones. Not unless you’re counting the scar through my eyebrow (I fell out of bed when I was a kid) or all these chickenpox scars. I’m talking about the ones you can’t see, the ones on the inside. The ones on my soul, man.

Too melodramatic? Fair enough.

But seriously, here’s a guest article I wrote for Frank Errington’s blog, talking about my horror pedigree and what my childhood was like. Spoiler: There’s lots of 80s horror goodness, highlighting Maximum Overdrive and Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn.

Looking back, I’m not sure what it was about them that captured my imagination so much. Maximum Overdrive is a terrible film (what I’d call a good “Bad” movie), but it has that Green Goblin truck, and it has some hilarious moments (the Ice Cream truck, the lawnmower, the vending machine at the baseball park). I say hilarious because, to a five-year-old, those scenes aren’t particularly scary. They’re inanimate objects coming to life—just like in the cartoons I also watched—but with a lot more bad language and AC/DC providing the soundtrack.

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