In which I remember I have a website.

Okay, so I forgot to update this thing. Yeah. A lot’s happened since…when did I post last? January? Early February?

*checks website*

Shit. Mid-January. Okay, yeah. A lot has happened.

First and foremost, I FINISHED DEVIL’S CREEK!

178k words, folks. In ten months. For those of you who’ve followed this blog for a long time, you might remember the first draft of TLM took me 19 months. Devil’s Creek is almost twice that length in almost half the time. The book threw me a few surprises, but for the most part, it came together how I imagined it would. I’m currently doing a read-through to clean it up before sending it off to Amelia and a few select beta readers for feedback. There’s still a long way to go before it sees the light of day, but the hard part is done. Now I can sit back and relax, right?

No. I’m probably starting my next novel in May. It’s tentatively titled SPIDERS IN THE LATTICE. It’s a bit like Waco meets From Beyond. Or something like that. Hard to say, since it’s mostly swirling around in the soup of my brain.

I’ve also got a couple of stories out on submission, I’m outlining a non-fiction essay for submission, and there are a couple of other open calls I want to get to before starting on the next book.

So, no, I won’t be relaxing any time soon. Now that DC is done, I hope to get back to blogging again with some pseudo-regularity. Stay tuned.


P.S. No, Final Rec didn’t get a Stoker nomination. Maybe next time.