Humble Beginnings

A friend of mine shared this with me tonight. It’s the title page from Written in Red, my first chapbook. I published it myself back in 2005, during my senior year of college. The profits helped pay my way out of Kentucky.

Seeing the title page inspired me to go digging through my files, to see if I still had all the stuff from that period of time. Allow me to share…

Here’s the cover that Erica designed, using a combination of Bryce (I know, I know…) and Photoshop. When you have a budget of $10, you’ll use what you have available at the time.


Here are some shots of the books and the bookmarks we created to promote the book. They were printed at the Staples where I’d end up working for almost a year after I moved to Pennsylvania.

Here’s the flyer used to promote the book signing at Common Grounds, a coffee house in Lexington, and at Sam Goody (yeah, remember those?). “Four stories, three poems, one debut.” Groan!




I’d had a signing scheduled at Books-A-Million in my hometown, but they cancelled on me at the last minute and I had to improvise. Sam Goody sold books, so…yeah. They let me set up outside their store to hock my wares. Here’s a shot of Erica and I outside the store. This was the day before I graduated from college.

And last but not least, here’s my author photo from the back of the book. I think this proves that, once upon a time, I had a face beneath the beard and long hair to match.

Ah, to be 22 again…

Anyway. That’s enough of memory lane for one post. Just thought I’d share. As a reminder, I’ll be at the Horror at the Fort event at Fort Mifflin this Saturday, October 6th. I’ll have a vendor table with books for sale, and I’ll be the last one to read that evening. If you’re in the area, you should drop by and say hello. Maybe buy a book or three.