Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival!

I know this is short notice but I have to share. By a pure stroke of luck, I snagged a table at the Merrimack Halloween Book Festival in Haverhill, MA this Saturday, October 13th. I’ll be at Table 20 alongside Morgan Sylvia, author of Abode, from 1 to 4:30. Here’s the full schedule:

(all day if not otherwise noted)

Table 1:
Christopher Golden
Thomas Sniegoski

Table 2:
Jennifer McMahon
Rio Youers

Table 3:
Hillary Monahan
Cat Scully

Table 4:
The Peculiarity Shop
Toni LP Kelner/Leigh Perry

Table 5:
Grady Hendrix
Nicholas Kaufmann

Table 6:
Laird Barron
John Langan

Table 7:
Jeff Strand
Lynne Hansen

Table 8:
Bracken MacLeod
KL Pereira

Table 9:
Stephen R. Bissette

Table 10:
James A. Moore
Charles R. Rutledge

Table 11:
Haverhill House Publishers
(John McIlveen, Tony Tremblay, Matt Bechtel)

Table 12:
Mary SanGiovanni
Brian Keene

Table 13:
Kelli Owen (AD)
Izzy Lee (AM)
Bob Ford (PM)

Table 14:
Stephanie Wytovich (AD)
Larissa Glasser (AM)
Kristin Dearborn (PM)

Table 15:
Trisha Wooldridge (AM)
Scott Goudsward (AM)
Errick Nunnally (PM)
Daniel Palmer (PM)

Table 16:
Ed Kurtz (AM)
Doungjai Gam (AM)
Dan Foley (PM)
Philip Perron (PM)

Table 17:
Craig Shaw Gardner
Tom Deady

Table 18:
Kameryn James (AM)
Sara Codair (AM)
Kenneth Vaughan (PM)
Jason Parent (PM)

Table 19:
John Goodrich (AM)
Mary Hart (AM)
Gene Doucette (PM)
Mike Sullivan (PM)

Table 20:
Gregory Bastianelli (AM)
Robert Stava (AM)
Morgan Sylvia (PM)
Todd Keisling (PM)

Table 21:
Lisa Carlisle (AM)
Lindsay Moore (AM)
Barry DeJasu (PM)
David Price (PM)

Table 22:
Sarah Smith (AM)
Kat Howard (AM)
Sam Costello (PM)
JG Faherty (PM)

Table 23:
Laurie Faria Stolarz (AD)
Rob Smales (AM)
William Carl (PM)

Table 24:
Glenn Chadbourne

Table 25:
Douglas Wynne (AD)
Catherine Grant (AM)
Kelly Braffet 1pm
Catherine Grant (2:30 onward)

Owen King 2:30 pm

Many thanks to Jason Parent and Christopher Golden for making this happen! I hope you see you folks there!