Merrimack Recap

The weekend sped by in a blur. Seven hours up to Boston on Friday, eight hours back to PA on Sunday. And in the middle, one of the best book events I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. All told, according to Chris Golden and the Haverhill Library, there were over 1000 people there on Saturday. I sold some books, spent a lot of money on books, and saw many of my friends during the course of the day. If you’re a writer, I urge you to attend next year if you can. Even if you can’t get a table for your own books, you should still go. It’s an experience.

Erica and I spent the weekend  with Richard B. Wood and his lovely wife Tina. They were kind enough to host us in their home, saving us the expense of a hotel, and in the process I think we all learned that we’re not just friends, but family. Thanks, Richard & Tina!

Richard & Tina

As I write this, I realize I didn’t get photos with Cat Scully or Jason Parent or Barry Desaju or John & Di Buja or Doug Wynne or Catherine Grant or Jack Haringa or Grady Hendrix. Believe me when I say the day was manic and insane in the best way possible.

A few highlights I want to mention:

  • Meeting Stephanie Wytovich and her husband, Dennis. The last time I saw Stephanie was at Necon 2016, on the very last day, for about five minutes. I finally got a copy of her novel, The Eighth.
  • Sharing a table with Morgan Sylvia, author of Abode. We’re fellow Opeth fans, and she shared a list of music that I’m going to check out.
  • Hearing from Ed Kurtz that he read ULT and enjoyed it. He said it was good stuff and to keep doing what I’m doing. That was a huge compliment (and a handsome one).
  • Signing books for John Langan and Laird Barron, two of my favorite authors. I can’t properly express the honor I felt in doing so. They’ve both been a huge influence on me and my work over the last several years, and to be treated as a friend and contemporary is…well, it’s magic.

Seriously, if you’re a horror writer, or even just a book fan, try to make it to Haverhill, MA next year. And bring your credit card.

I’ll let the rest of these photos speak for me: