O Unholy Night in Deathlehem!

I’m proud to announce that my story “Black Friday” will be published for the first time in O Unholy Night in Deathlehem, a holiday-themed charity anthology published by Grinning Skull Press. All proceeds will be donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, so I urge you to consider picking this one up when it’s available.

“Black Friday” is my one and only zombie story, the first draft of which dates all the way back to 2007. I considered including it in ULT, but found the tone didn’t quite fit with the rest. It’s a long one, approximately 9k words, about a group of retail workers stranded in an office supply store during a zombie outbreak on the biggest shopping day of the year.

There’s no release date yet–I’ll update here once it’s announced.

More soon.