Unemployment Sale!

Well, it finally happened.

Last week, the Powers That Be over at the Smile Factory informed me that my job was being eliminated and that my employment would be terminated. I was with that company for twelve years, which was about seven years too long, and I’d been looking for alternative employment for a while. The layoff wasn’t entirely unexpected–I just anticipated it would happen a little later this year. So, the bad news is I’m unemployed for the first time since high school.

The good news is I’ve got approximately four months of paid time off to write and find another day job. And because I’m neurotic and like to plan ahead, I’m going to try and pay down some debt just in case I can’t find employment before the severance runs out.

So! That means I’m having an Unemployment Sale in the Precipice shop!

Did you miss out on a premium hardcover edition of The King in Yellow last year? Now’s your chance to order one! I’ll be taking orders all through March, and expect to fulfill them by late April. Want a signed copy of The Final Reconciliation or The Smile Factory? How about a paperback edition of Anthony Rapino’s Greetings from Moon Hill? Yep, they’re all in the shop, along with some leftover Moon Hill goodies from the Kickstarter campaign.

You can find the shop right here.

All sales are greatly appreciated, folks!