Dullington Design Co. Is Open For Business!

I’ll get to the point: I’m now offering book design services! You can read more about it here in this interview with Brian Kirk and I at InkHeist. Many thanks to Shane and Rich for hosting us!

You can get in touch here, and my portfolio is available here. Check ’em out.

Special thanks to Mr. Kirk for pushing me in this direction. I’ve been dabbling in design for years, but he gave me the confidence (and opportunity) to pursue it as a side-hustle as well. His excellent novel, WILL HAUNT YOU, is my professional debut as a designer. Same goes for his OBSIDEO marketing campaign. I had a blast with both, and I’m eager to work on new projects.

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My goal with this is to earn some extra cash and to help improve the quality of book designs in the indie publishing space. My rates are not set in stone; they are extremely flexible, and I will work within your budget.

So! Do you have a book in the works? Need someone to design the cover or the interior? Let’s talk.

I hope to hear from you soon!