Now on Patreon!

Yes, it’s true. I’m now on Patreon, offering a number of rewards in exchange for your support. I’ve accumulated a wealth of information over the last decade when it comes to indie publishing, book design, and writing horror, and I’m now offering it up on a monthly basis.

Why am I doing this? It’s really simple: Insurance. My severance runs out in mid-June, and my health benefits expire at the end of that month. Mine and Erica’s prescription costs are going to run about $500 a month without our prescription plan. Not to mention the cost of health coverage through the ACA. Yeah. That really sucks.

I’m going to try and bring in some extra cash by offering insight and consultation. $500 is my initial goal. If I can somehow pull in $4k a month (which is astronomically insane, but a guy can dream), I’ll be able to do this full time. That means more stories, more books, and peace of mind.

So if you’re a constant reader or fan, consider dropping $5 in the hat for regular insider access to my ongoing projects. And if you’re a writer or indie publisher, there’s a number of reward tiers which might interest you. Regardless of what you choose–even if it’s just to share the Patreon link–I’m grateful for your support.

Thanks for your time and support, folks.