Cycles; also, Ornery Boy.

I forgot to write about this last night.  Here’s a little anecdote that discusses the cyclical nature of things.

Several weeks ago I wrote about ALT’s feature on Book Movement. It was a big reflection on what led me down the road I’m on and, potentially, a glimpse of what’s to come. Well, there was a bit of info I withheld because, at the time, it seemed inconsequential. Now, after a lot of thought, I’ve come to realize what I withheld was actually very important. What led me to this thinking is kind of funny and weird, in its way, and really attests to the idea that there really are no coincidences in the nature of things. (That’s all my opinion of course. You’re free to think what you like.)

I mentioned before that what made me consider self-publishing was the internship I did for my university’s literary journal. That’s truth. What I did not mention, however, was that a month or so before I took that internship, I was introduced to the work of David Moody by a guy I’ve never met.

Moody is the author of the Autumn series who, at the time, self-published his work (he’s since been picked up by St. Martin’s) and garnered a huge internet following. He gave his first book away for free online, and subsequently sold the others to a lot of fanfare. Up until this point I’d never even heard of “self-publishing” a book. The idea of doing it all on my own was intriguing, if not daunting, and I dove into Moody’s first book to see how he did it.

This post isn’t actually about David Moody, though.  It’s about that other guy. The one I’ve never met.

His name is Michael Lalonde, and he’s the creator of Ornery Boy, a comic strip with its own unique following. I discovered his comic way back in ’03, after coming across some neat user icons for MSN Messenger (once a geek, always a geek). Ornery Boy is about its titular character and his daily exploits. He lives with his girlfriend Dirtygirl, their cat Soya Sauce, and their pet zombie Brian.  Ornery Boy is exactly that – ornery, to extreme comic effect, and his dark outlook on various things continue to be something to which I relate on a daily basis.

It just so happens that, one Monday during that ancient year of ’04, Mr. Lalonde mentioned on his site that he was hooked on Moody’s book, Autumn, and had ordered the rest of the series. This is how I learned of David Moody, which led to my knowledge of self-publishing, and so on. The rest, as they say, is history.

Big deal, right? Well, here’s the cool part. I follow Lalonde on Twitter, and a little over a week ago he started following me in return. He tweeted, said he’d started reading ALT but forced himself to stop so he’d order a copy. He said he loved it.

So, in the many ways things come back around, Michael Lalonde is reading a book that may never have existed had he not mentioned David Moody almost 5 years ago. And the best part is, he’s enjoying it. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, I’ve probably embarrassed him by writing this (and I apologize, Michael, if I’ve done so), but I thought it was kind of neat and too good not to write about. So, I strongly urge anyone and everyone who likes web comics featuring dark humor, chronic geekery and zombies, to go check out Ornery Boy.

Until next time,