Out with the old.

Hello, 2010.  Goodbye, 2009.  I admit I’m a few days late with the obligatory “reflecting on the last year” blog post, but I wanted to take some time away from the digital world for the few days of the year (and then some).

Let’s see.  This past year was a very difficult one, for many reasons, some of which I won’t go into.  I set a lot of goals which I failed to meet.  I think it was around the end of January ’09 when I committed to finishing THE LIMINAL MAN by Fall of the same year.  Here we are in 2010 and, while 40k words of said novel are written, I’m picking things apart and rearranging them so they’re less bloated.  Whatever’s left will remain on the cutting room floor.  As it stands, I have five whole chapters of notes and less than one full chapter of coherent text.  Yes, 2009 was the year I paid for taking 2008 off from writing altogether.  Those 40k words painfully show the year I spent away from the written word.  I’m not considering it a loss, though.  I’ve had to keep reminding myself that some writers take years to complete a novel.  For now I’m considering 2009 more of a planning period in which I figured out just what kind of book TLM wants to be.  I’m happy to say it’s now on track (for real this time, yo).

Alternatively, my book A LIFE TRANSPARENT saw a sudden resurgence in sales during the latter half of the year due to its inclusion in several book club reading lists.  I’m grateful for this, even if one person happened to hate it very, very much.  For the folks out there  on Goodreads who took the time to read it and offer your reviews, I thank you.  I’m (slowly) working on revising the book for a second edition which I hope to make available by this summer.

Erica finally started selling her crafts on Etsy and has found modest success in doing so.  I’m happy to see her doing something she enjoys.  Her shop is called Clever Little Thing, and I encourage you to take a look, as you might find something that strikes your fancy.

I caved in and joined Twitter this year, thinking it wouldn’t prove to be useful.  On the contrary, I’m happy to say it’s put me in contact with many writer folk, as well as mags such as PANK (who ran an article I wrote about self-publishing), Flatmancrooked, and One Story.  It’s also how I managed to score two free VIP tickets to see NIN back in June.  All in all I’d say I use Twitter more than any other social network, as it’s simple, straightforward, and without annoying invitations to Farmville that number in the hundreds.

2009 was a year filled with a lot of tension, personal failures and tiny victories.  It was a year of growing pains.  In the end, I am at the start of ’10 a step ahead of where I was at the start of ’09, and based on that, I guess I can’t really complain at all, huh?  Sure, I’m a year older, a few pounds heavier, and a bit crankier, but I’ve got a decent life that still teeters on the edge of abnormality just enough to suit me.

And so, looking ahead into 2010, I have no resolutions.  I do have some goals, though, and a better idea of how to achieve them.  My wish for 2010 is the same as it was for the year before, and the one before that:  Take this year and make it yours.  I will do the same.


3 thoughts on “Out with the old.

  1. Good to hear that you’re approaching 2010 with a healthy mindset man. (:

    I’ve decided to go ahead and post that review of ALT I wrote for you a while back on my blog and try and get as many people to link/RT to it as possible. It’s part of my commitment to try and read as many self-published books this year. (I just talked to you about this after writing this, so yeah, ignore that bit! :P)

    Anyway, here’s to new starts, good habits, and completion. Cheers!

  2. Well here’s to a New Year for you and hopefully a good progress on your work Todd!

    Thanks for the link to One Story, I find it a really cool concept. Would you try to publish your work with them?

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