On being 27, and other things.

I meant to write this over the weekend, but I couldn’t be bothered.  It was a beautiful weekend.  It was a nice, relaxing weekend, during which I enjoyed four, blissful days away from the day job.  I set out to accomplish one goal: do as little as possible.  I’m happy to report I accomplished my mission.

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  It came and went with little fanfare.  Thanks to those of you who wished me a happy day.

Now I’m left on April 6th with reflections and ruminations.  I am twenty-seven years and one day old now.  Usually I spend my birthdays in a sort of antisocial shell, in which I claim I don’t care when I really desire people to acknowledge that, hey, I was born on this day X amount of years ago.  It’s very egocentric, and not something I’m particularly proud of.  This year is the first year that didn’t happen.  I’m happy to say that.  Maybe it’s a positive sign of age and wisdom.  Maybe I just don’t give a shit anymore.

So, I’m 27 now.  I was 17 when I wrote my first book.  23 when I wrote ALT.  I was on the other side of 25 when I started working on THE LIMINAL MAN.  I’ve grown up a bit since I started the book–a fact which is helping its progress now more than ever.  Donovan Candle is, and has always been, a projection of myself in the future provided certain things do not change.  He is, by my rough figuring, about 39 years old.  The closer I get to his age, the more I feel I understand what I’m supposed to be writing about.  I understand more of what he’s supposed to feel, and I understand how he’s supposed to think.  When I was 23, I didn’t get that, and that shows in the book.  I’m trying to fix that now.

Progress on the novel has stopped this past week, as I had other real life matters to tend to.  Today I begin on what will probably turn out to be chapter six.  The screenshot I posted a couple of weeks ago showing the title of chapter seven, well, that’s probably going to be chapter eight.  I decided the second part of the book would need five chapters instead of four, so I have to jump back five days and cover some ground.  I don’t suspect it will be a long chapter.

Other ideas are brewing.  I think I mentioned a collection of stories a while back.  It’s still in the planning process.  These are stories you’ve never read, and stories I’ve not yet written (except for one), but I have a title for the collection.  It’s going to be called “Things I Left Behind.” It’s not going to be my usual sort of thing.  But! That’s quite a ways off.

I have to cut this one short, but I’ll be posting something in a few days concerning people you should be reading in the meantime.

Until then,