From the author of The Final Reconciliation and Ugly Little Things: Collected Horrors comes a new tale of corporate horror…


Do you feel as though you’ve lost your place in the world? Are you teetering on the brink of abject insanity? Want to synergize our realities following the Acquisition?

Why languish in the chaotic madness beneath the unblinking gaze of our Benefactors when you can put that agony to work within our facility and help mankind?

Here at [REDACTED], we believe that your misery can make a difference.

We have numerous opportunities in our corporate and manufacturing facilities.

Our employees enjoy a comprehensive assortment of benefits as varied and satisfying as our means of corporate torture!

Join us at the Smile Factory. Be a part of something greater. Suffer for your fellow man.

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“Keisling’s THE SMILE FACTORY is a magnificently imaginative Lovecraftian/Ligottian tale of corporate horror told with humorous and grotesque ingenuity. Don’t miss it!” — Jon Padgett, author of The Secret of Ventriloquism


“There’s a conduit some stories can penetrate wherein the visceral suffering of an imaginary human being intersects with the static-droning agonies of our daily exanimate lives. In that connection, a sort of cathartic mental curtain is drawn back to reveal one of the many true horrors of what it means to exist deep down in the darkest trenches of the soul; the front lines just within the ‘safe zone’ of the flesh. Todd Keisling not only navigates this intersection well with THE SMILE FACTORY, he leaves many a lesser writer in the dust. And when the last page is turned, The SMILE FACTORY will have latched on to you with its wriggling tapeworm terminal and you may never wrench it loose.” – Robert S. Wilson, Bram Stoker Award-nominated editor of Ashes and Entropy, and the author of Hex: A Novel of Cosmic Horror.

“Corporate cubicle hell as seen through the eyes of Dante Alighieri. Keisling’s novella reads like the genetic hybrid of William Browning Spencer’s Résumé with Monsters and Bentley Little’s most twisted nightmare. You won’t know whether to laugh orclaw your eyes out in horror.” – Pete Kahle, author of The Specimen.

“A disturbing commentary on the common working world and its soul-sucking mission. If Bosch were alive, he’d paint this. And then pop some Prozac. Horribly bleak yet creative.” – Chad Lutzke, author of Stirring the Sheets and Of Foster Homes and Flies.

“1 cup William S. Burroughs’s dysmorphic body horror, 1 cup Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror, 1 cup Skewered Bureaucracy of Scott Adams. Blend it together with a dash of Nietzschean Nihilism. Drink until you can no longer fake living like this and reality bursts your beating heart from your chest. Enjoy!”– Nikki Nelson-Hicks, author of Jake Istenhegyi: The Accidental Detective.

“The Smile Factory is an experimental piece of corporate weird horror. To put it simply, it’s brilliant.Every chapter is a new experience with style, language, and art. The cast is solid and the themes, despite the surrealism, are all too realistic.” – Jason White, The Darkness Dwells Podcast

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This story features an illustration by Luke Spooner: